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Gloomy Sunday, Snowy Sunday for the Hills

The slow-moving storm system will continue to impact us for Sunday and into Monday, with chances of precipitation and breezy conditions.

There are chances of a wintry mix across the west and far north today, with rain chances and an isolated thunderstorm elsewhere. The Black Hills will continue seeing snow, with a Winter Storm Warning continuing today. Additional snow accumulations of 5 to 15 inches for those at or above 5,000 feet and 3 to 9 inches in the lower parts of the hills.

Winds today will not be as strong as they were yesterday, with gusts up to 40mph during the day but decreasing for the evening and overnight hours.

Today's highs will be in the 40s and 50s, with a few 30s in the Black Hills.

Monday continues with chances of a wintry mix for the west and north, with rain showers in the southeast. Highs will only reach the 50s in the southeast, with the 40s mainly elsewhere with a few 30s in the Black Hills.


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