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Strong Storm Winds near Pine Ridge

On Sunday, a few thunderstorms in southwest South Dakota created strong thunderstorm wind gusts.

Storm Icon Radar of Severe Storm near Pine Ridge

A 67mph thunderstorm wind gust was reported a few miles southeast of Pine Ridge in Oglala Lakota County, and towards the north and west, a 60mph gust was reported at Sharps Corner and in Oglala. There was some hail reported from this storm with nickel size or 0.88 inch hail reported about three miles southwest of Kyle.

A blowup of thunderstorms was found overnight in southeast South Dakota. The only report that came in was about two miles northeast of Tyndall of goofball size.

Below are the official reports from the National Weather Service from Sunday afternoon and into the overnight.

Storm Reports (Central Daylight Time):

07/24/2023 2:17 AM Hail 1.75" Location: 2 Mi NNE Tyndall (Bon Homme County)

07/23/2023 6:07 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 67.00MPH Location: 3 Mi ESE Pine Ridge (Oglala Lakota County)

07/23/2023 5:56 PM Hail 0.88" Location: 3 Mi SW Kyle (Oglala Lakota County)

07/23/2023 5:47 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 60.00MPH Location: Sharps Corner (Oglala Lakota County)

07/23/2023 5:37 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 60.00MPH Location: Oglala (Oglala Lakota County)


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