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Quick Hit of Snow and the Return to Arctic Air

A quick moving system will give us a chance of snow and the return to strong northwest winds and arctic cold air.

The chances for snow will start to increase as we move into later tonight, mainly after midnight. The bulk of the precipitation looks to impact us during the morning hours on Thursday and coming to an end by the later afternoon. Snow amounts look mainly to be from four inches or less, with the lowest amounts found in northeast and southwest, South Dakota.

Behind the snow, strong northwest winds with gusts up to 50mph will start pushing cold air back into the region and create areas of blowing snow.

Air temperatures could reach the 20s below zero by Saturday morning, and this is not the wind chill. The American model (GFS) run has parts of the southeast easily reaching the mid-20s below for air temperatures.

But don't worry! This is a short live cold snap with temperatures expected to warm up starting on Sunday and continuing into next week, with highs even above freezing.


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