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Some Precipitation

The southeast region of the state will continue to see chances for rain or snow throughout the morning with decreasing chances by this evening.

This morning, the city of Sioux Falls and other locations in southeast, South Dakota had a scene of winter as "good size" snowflakes were falling from the sky.

Photo Credit: SDDOT of Interstate 90 east of Sioux Falls

Luckily the highways were too warm to allow snow to stick on them as the South Dakota Department of Transportation is reporting only wet roadways. Temperatures in the region this morning were sitting in the lower to middle 30s.

With clear skies in the west, temperatures were into the 20s to lower 30s. Rapid City was reporting a temperature of 32 degrees with 21 degrees in Philip, 25 degrees in Winner, and up towards Lemmon, a temperature of 28 degrees was recorded.

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