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Stormy Weather for the Christmas Weekend

Dry and mild weather is forecast to continue through the work week and into the start of the holiday weekend.

By late Sunday and into Christmas Eve on Sunday, "noise" starts to show up on the weather models as precipitation is expected to move into the region. The American Model (GFS) brings the chance of precipitation into the region starting late on Saturday with rain showers for the east and snow showers for the west. This continues through Sunday before changing over to all snow on Monday with the best chances across the west and central, South Dakota.

The Euro (ECMWF) weather model brings in the chances of precipitation later than the American model with rain chances for the south and a wintry mix or snow for the northwest during Sunday morning. As the day goes on, rain and snow chances become more widespread and continue into Sunday night. By Christmas, the Euro Model suggests the rain will change over to snow for eastern, South Dakota and slowly end the precipitation for the far west.

There remains much uncertainty with this storm system, so please check back for additional information, precipitation/snowfall amounts forecasts, and other forecasts.


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