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Slippery Conditions Continue

On Monday morning, law enforcement along Interstate 29 were busy responding to multiple slide-ins and accidents.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office shared this photo on their Facebook page and reminded motorists of the slippery roads.

Photo Credit: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Roads were slippery and icy farther to the north into Hamlin County as first responders and law enforcement were called to this rollover accident that occurred on Interstate 29 south of Watertown.

One person was injured in the accident and was taken to hospital by Castlewood Ambulance.

Photo Credit: Hamlin County Sheriff's Office

Authorities want to remind drivers to slow down, increase following distance, do not use cruise control, and wear a seatbelt. In foggy conditions, they advise you to make sure the vehicle's headlights are on to help other drivers see you.


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