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Look At Monday's Forecast

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

A storm system looks to push some precipitation our way later tonight and continuing into Monday. All forms of precipitation from rain, snow, and freezing rain/drizzle will be on the table.

Starting tonight, rain and freezing rain or a mixture of rain/snow will push in western and south-central South Dakota. The Black Hills will be cold enough to support some light snow. By Monday morning, the precipitation would have spread eastward, bringing eastern South Dakota under the chance of precipitation.

Most of the north and west precipitation is expected to become snow by the afternoon, with rain, freezing rain, or a wintry mixture for the southeast.

By the evening hours, any precipitation in South Dakota would have turned to light snow. The chance of light snow will continue into Monday night.

The heaviest snowfall looks to be over far northeast South Dakota and back into the northern Black Hills.

With the freezing rain, we could also see some minor accumulations, with the main focus over the northeast and east-central regions of the state.


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