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Rain, Snow and, Blizzard?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

A powerful storm system will bring precipitation and strong winds to South Dakota starting tomorrow and pushing into Wednesday. The National Weather Service has already posted Winter Storm Watches and Winter Weather Advisories ahead of the system. For the latest information on your local weather alerts, check out our Alerts Page.


Precipitation will develop over the region starting late Tuesday morning into the early afternoon hours. Temperatures will be above freezing in the east, which will produce rain instead of snow. Winds gusts will start to increase in the west, with gusts between 30-40mph and remaining under 20mph in the east. These strong winds found over the west will spread eastward throughout the afternoon.

By Tuesday evening and overnight hours, snow will move into the west, with rain in the east changing to snow. Northwest winds will be gusting up to 50mph over western and central, South Dakota and continued to move over the east through the evening hours. With these strong winds and with snow falling, blizzard-like conditions are possible.

By Wednesday morning, widespread snow is possible before coming to an end by the afternoon. Continue to expect strong winds Wednesday morning with gusts up to 50mph before decreasing by the afternoon hours.

Wind Gusts Forecast Maps:

Weather Model's Snowfall Forecast Maps:


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