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Recap of Valentine's Day Storm

During the last storm event, strong winds over 60mph, snow, blizzard conditions, and even rain were all found somewhere in South Dakota. By Tuesday midday, rain had already pushed up from Nebraska into eastern South Dakota, dropping 0.61" at the Sioux Falls Airport.

Precipitation Type Radar from February 14th during the morning.

On the back side of the system, snow started to develop over the western side of the state, along with powerful northwest winds. This created road headaches as first responders responded to several accidents.

The Meade County Sheriff's Office posted this image on their Facebook page and advised...

Okay folks, the "fun" has begun! Time to slow down, ease off the aggressive driving and look out for one another. Need to get home safely and if it requires a little extra time then so be it! Roads are getting bad, this is on the interstate, so take it easy!!! Be safe!

Photo Credit: Meade County Sheriff's Office

By the afternoon much of northeast, South Dakota was hit by dense fog ahead of the precipitation that was making its way from the south.

Photo Credit: South Dakota Department of Transportation

By the evening and overnight hours, much of the rain had changed over to snow. The snow, blowing snow, and blizzard conditions impacted the eastern region of the state for Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

Photo Credit: South Dakota Department of Transportation

These conditions shut down Interstate 29 from Watertown to the North Dakota line on Tuesday evening and into Wednesday. Many trucks and motorists found themselves parking in Watertown until conditions improved and the interstate was cleared up and opened to drivers.

Photo Credit: WeatherSD - Watertown, SD

Photo Credit: WeatherSD - Watertown, SD

By Wednesday afternoon, the interstate opened back up, and road and weather conditions had improved.

Wind Gusts Reports Over 60mph:

Summit: 63mph Ridgeview: 63mph Aberdeen Airport: 62mph 13NE of Eureka: 61mph JCT SD47/SD26: 61mph Miranda: 60mph

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