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Major Winter Storm and Blizzard

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

A powerful winter storm is expected to bring over a foot of snow, strong winds over 50mph, blizzard conditions, and dangerous wind chills starting Wednesday and continuing into Thursday.

Snow will continue this evening for some as the first wave has already impacted some regions of the state. Then the snow will become more widespread, covering much of South Dakota during the overnight hours.

By Wednesday morning, the far northern end of South Dakota may see a break in the action before the main event moves into the area.

By Wednesday evening, widespread snow, heavy at times, will be impacting us statewide. Blizzard conditions are expected at this time, with visibilities down to zero at times, wind gust over 40mph, and dangerous wind chills of 20 to 30 below zero. These conditions are expected to continue for Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

The snow is expected to come to an end across the west during the morning on Thursday.

By the afternoon hours, the snow will come to end for central and eastern, South Dakota is expected to be completely gone by Thursday evening.

Snowfall Forecast:

Many locations in South Dakota can easily see over a foot of snow by Friday morning. The heaviest snow is expected across east-central and parts of northeast, South Dakota.

Winds: For tonight and into Wednesday and parts of Thursday, windy weather is expected, with the strongest gusts in the east, with some locations seeing gusts over 50mph.

Travel conditions are expected to become very dangerous and most likely impossible. For the latest road conditions, check out the state's website at


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