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Ghost Scene

Interstate 29 and Interstate 90 are "ghost roads" as authorities shut down the highways Friday evening because of blowing snow, reduced visibility, and numerous accidents that were occurring.

Photo Credit: South Dakota Department of Transportation

During the second day of strong winds from a low-pressure system far east of us continued to bring havoc for motorists. Many roads were covered in ice, making them slippery and ideal conditions for traffic crashes.

Photo Credit: South Dakota Highway Patrol

The sun might be shining, but the roads are still very slick!

South Dakota Highway Patrol

This picture was taken on Interstate 29 just north of the Dell Rapids Exit of eight vehicles that slid off the road and into the ditch.

Photo Credit: Hamlin County Sheriff's Office

Up to the north in Hamlin County, the sheriff's office posted this image on their Facebook page of a motorist getting rescued on Interstate 29 by the Castlewood Exit in near zero visibility.

Photo Credit: South Dakota Highway Patrol

Conditions continued into the night, as motorists ignored no travel advisories and continued to travel. Many vehicles found themselves stuck on roads like this one, US Highway 12 in northern, South Dakota.

By Saturday morning, the winds finally decreased to 10 to 20mph.

Will the winds return? Check out your local forecast.


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