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A Chilly St. Patrick's Day

This weather map does not show green for St. Patrick's Day, as temperatures for St. Patrick's Day morning were only into the teens and 20s. The warmest spots were in far southwest South Dakota, where Hot Springs was at 31 degrees and Custer at 30 degrees.

It's a much chillier day for your St. Patrick's Day, with highs only into the 30s and a few 40s in the far western region of the state.

Winds will remain out of the northwest with gusts up to 35mph throughout the day. Then, the winds will calm down and switch from the west to southwest for the overnight hours.

With cooler temperatures and breezy northwest winds, feels like temperatures range from the single digits to the 20s.

A few isolated snow showers are possible across the northeast, but snowfall amounts will be little to nothing.


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