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Storm Brings Dangerous Road Conditions

From road closures, no travel advisories, and very slippery roads, travelers saw hazardous road conditions statewide. The state of South Dakota had closed down Interstate 90 on Tuesday from Rapid City to Chamberlain as blizzard conditions and visibility dropped to near zero at times.

Photo Credit: South Dakota Highway Patrol - Interstate 90 at Rapid City

Throughout Tuesday, snow and blowing snow impacted the west and central SD, as some locations received over a foot of snow. As of Tuesday evening, Lead in the northern Black Hills reported 20 inches of snow. Other reports were 5SE of Norris at 18.1 inches, Vetal with 18.0 inches, 8SE of Interior at 15.0 inches, and Spearfish reporting 14.5 inches. Many of these locations continued to receive snow during the overnight hours and into this morning.

Photo Credit: Potter County Sheriff's Office

While the west side dealt with heavy snow and blizzard conditions, the east saw a wintry mix, freezing rain, and just plain rain. This created icy conditions on roads and a large number of crashes.

Photo Credit: Brookings County Sheriff's Office

The slow-moving winter storm continues to impact the state, adding more snow for much of the region. Check our Weather Maps page for the latest snowfall forecast from the weather models.


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