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The Heart of the Cold

The main event of this cold wave is here. Feels like temperatures are down into the 30s and 40s below zero for much of South Dakota. Many schools have closed their doors for a few extra hours this morning, starting later than normal.

Shortly after 8 am CST, the coldest feels like temperature was reported in Bullhead in north-central, South Dakota with a reading of 44 degrees below zero. Watertown, Ortonville, Aberdeen, and Britton all join the list of 40s below zero.

Many locations are under a Wind Chill Warning or a Wind Chill Advisory for the day. To know if your location is under an alert, visit our Weather Alerts page.

Today, it is best to avoid outside activities if possible. When you are outdoors, make sure to wear a winter hat, winter gloves, and the appropriate clothing. In these conditions, frostbite can quickly occur to exposed skin, as quick as 10 minutes.


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