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Hot Weather Brought Powerful Storms

As temperatures reach into the 90s and 100s in the east, a frontal boundary moved its way across South Dakota on Monday. This brought the development of strong to severe thunderstorms statewide.

Winds as powerful as hurricane-force were reported near the town of Bunker, Sioux Falls, Seneca, Polo, and Pierre. The strongest winds during the event were about three miles south of Bunker in central, South Dakota with a recorded wind gust of 85mph. The Sioux Falls Airport had strong winds of 82mph roll through the city and an 80mph gust was reported about 18 miles south of Seneca in central, SD.

Thunderstorm Wind Gusts (+70mph):

3S of Bunker: 85mph Sioux Falls Airport: 83mph

18S of Seneca: 80mph

17W of Polo: 79mph

Pierre Airport: 79mph

1NE of Midland: 74mph 3S of Hartford: 73mph Fort Pierre: 72mph 4WSW Blunt: 72mph 2NW of Tripp: 70mph 1W of Richmond Lake Rec Area: 70mph

Besides powerful winds, large hail was accompanied by a couple of the storm cells. The largest hail from Monday's storms was to the size of golf balls (1.75") that was reported about eight miles southeast of Vayland. A couple of miles south of Wessington, golf-ball-size hail was also reported from a severe storm that went through the area. In Brookings, hail up to the size of ping pong balls (1.50") was reported on the northeast end of town along with other reports of quarter size (1.00") and dime size (0.50") hail.

Brookings, SD - June 20th, 2022

Hail Reports:

8SE of Vayland: 1.75" 5S of Wessington: 1.75" 1NE of Brookings: 1.50" Yale: 1.00" 7SE of Webster: 1.00" 5W of Sioux Falls: 1.00" 5N of Brookings: 1.00" 1NW of Brookings: 1.00: Volga: 0.88"

Nunda: 0.88"

There were two tornado reports on Monday evening with the first reported about four miles northwest of Iroquois in Beadle County. The storm then moved northeast and additional report of a tornado on the ground near the town of Bryant in Hamlin County. At this time, no tornado damage has been reported.

Cool and much claimer weather is in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. The next round of storms, so possibly strong comes on Thursday.


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