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Heavy Snows Fell in the Northeast

Another hit of snow came last Friday bring some impressive snowfall amounts to the northeast. About five miles east of Britton, a foot of snow was reported. Seven miles outside of Hecla, they were not too far behind with 11 inches of snow recieved and about four miles west of Claire City, ten inches of snow was recorded.

Other reports were 9.7 inches in Sisseton, 8 inches in Hecla and near Kidder, 6.5 inches near Pickerel Lake State Rec, 5 inches near Ferney, 4 inches in Webster, 3 inches near Florence, 2.8 inches in Milbank, 2.6 inches at the Aberdeen Airport, 2.5 inches near Lake City, 2 inches in Clark and near Bradley and in western, South Dakota, Lemmon received 2 inches.

This snow created some issues on Interstate 29 from Grant County into Roberts County last night. The South Dakota Highway Patrol posted this image on their Facebook page that road conditions in the area were snow-covered leading to icy highways.

Photo Credit: South Dakota Highway Patrol

This morning, the South Dakota Department of Transportation was reporting widespread slippery conditions on Interstate 29 from North Dakota down towards the South Shore Exit north of Watertown.


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