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Pierre Area Hit with Hail Again

The central region of South Dakota, including the Pierre area, once again was hit with hail on Wednesday.

Storm Icon Radar of Hail Storm near Pierre

Before heading into town, hail was covering the ground ranging from ping pong size (1.50") to golf balls size (1.75") about three miles southeast of Chantler Creek Rec Area in Stanley County. The winds from the storm were estimated between 50 to 60mph, first coming out of the west and the southeast in the middle of the storm.

Then the storm continued its track southeast dropping golf ball (1.75") to tennis ball (2.50") size hail breaking multiple windows, and causing significant damage to a garden about seven miles southeast of Chantler Creek Rec Area.

Once in the Pierre area, the storm brought 1.25 inch hail to Fort Pierre or to the size of a half dollar coin.

Storm Reports (Reports in Central Time):

07/26/2023 9:05 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 55.00MPH Location: 7 Mi W Ardmore (Fall River County)

07/26/2023 8:43 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 59.00MPH Location: 7 Mi N Frederick (Brown County) Mesonet Station 49 Frederick (SDDOT).

07/26/2023 7:35 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 64.00MPH Location: 13 Mi N Vivian (Lyman County) Mesonet Station RFPS2 Vivian 13 N. Radar Estimated Time.

07/26/2023 7:00 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 58.00MPH Location: 4 Mi S Fort Pierre (Stanley County)

07/26/2023 6:56 PM Hail 1.25" Location: Fort Pierre (Stanley County)

07/26/2023 6:32 PM Thunderstorm Wind Gust 50.00MPH Location: 2 Mi N Herreid (Campbell County) Mesonet Station 50 Herreid (SDDOT).

07/26/2023 6:27 PM Hail 2.50" Location: 7 Mi SSE Chantler Creek Re (Stanley County) Golf Ball To Tennis Ball Size Hail Broke Multiple Windows And Caused Significant Garden Damage. Radar Estimated Time.

07/26/2023 6:14 PM Hail 1.75" Location: 3 Mi SSE Chantler Creek Re (Stanley County) Hail Covering The Ground, Up To Ping Pong And Golf Ball Size. Estimated 50 To 60 Mph Winds As Well, First Form The West And Then From The Southeast, Changing Directions In The Middle Of The Storm.

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