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Post-Christmas Snows

As 2021 might go down as the year of lateness, Mother Nature decided to follow the year's theme. Many people wanted a white Christmas but Mother Nature had other plans and provided snow after Christmas, greeting holiday travelers.

Our neighbor's to the north had shut down Interstate 29 statewide and Interstate 94 from Bismarck to Fargo as blizzard conditions are being reported. Secondary roads across the north and eastern regions of North Dakota are under no travel advisories this morning.

Photo Credit: North Dakota Highway Patrol

Roads back in South Dakota are a little better, but slippery and snow-covered roads have been reported.

Photo Credit: SDDOT near ND/SD Boarder on I29 at 5:58am CST 12/27/2021

Winds this morning are strong with gusts from 30 to 45mph have been reported. This is causing an additional issue on the road, as snow is easily being picked up and blown around.

Photo Credit: SDDOT near McLaughlin on US12 at 6:10am CST 12/27/21

Additional light snow is expected later tonight and into Tuesday ahead of some very cold air.


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