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Second Round of Storms

Another round of severe storms moves into an area that has already seen severe thunderstorms on Friday.

Thunderstorms on Friday brought to the size of ping pong balls (1.50") and powerful winds up to 70mph.

The largest hail was reported a few miles northwest of downtown Spearfish in west-central, South Dakota where lots of half-inch size hail mixed with ping pong ball size hail was reported. About nine miles west of Spearfish and in the city of Lead, hail to the size of half dollars (1.25") was observed. Up into northwest, South Dakota and three miles northwest of Bison in Perkins County, hail to the size of quarters was reported.

Besides the hail, strong thunderstorm winds were also felt across the area. The strongest winds were felt about 10 miles southwest of Red Elm in the northwest, South Dakota with gusts of 70mph. Other reports that came in were... 3 miles east of Philip with a gust of 67mph, 7 miles east of Wanblee with a gust of 61mph, a couple of miles east of Cactus Flat had a gust of 59mph, 3 miles northwest of Plainview saw 60mph, 3 miles northwest of Wasta along Interstate

90 had a 65mph gust and at the Rapid City Airport a 60mph gust was recorded.

Photo Credit: SDDOT


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