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Forecast Radar and Wind Maps

A fast-moving and strong storm system will bring powerful winds, snow, rain, freezing rain, and severe thunderstorms today.

For additional information on the severe weather risk, check out our last post, Severe Weather in December.

Let's start at around noon, central time. Some spotty rain or snow showers will develop over the west. The west will start to see winds northwest winds from 20-35mph with gusts up to 50mph

By mid-afternoon, showers and thunderstorms development is expected in the east with an increase in light snow coverage in the west. In central, South Dakota a mixture of rain or snow is in the forecast. The winds will get stronger in the west with winds from 30 to 45mph with gusts up to 65mph. The stronger winds will spread into central, South Dakota.

As we move into the evening hours, rain is expected to change over or mix with snow for most of the state. Most of the state will see strong winds from 25-40mph with gusts from 60-65mph.

During the overnight hours, the snow showers will come to end but the winds will remain strong across the central and eastern regions of the state. The west will start to see a decrease.

A quick hit of accumulating snows are possible with areas in central and northeast, South Dakota seeing one to three inches by Thursday morning.


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