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Couple Days of Stormy Weather

A summer feeling will move into the eastern side of South Dakota for today and into Thursday with temperatures reaching into the 80s and feels like temperatures into the 90s. Dewpoints are forecast to reach into the 60s, giving the air a humid feeling. With all these in place and a storm system moving into the region, this gives us a chance of two rounds of severe thunderstorms, starting later on this afternoon and into the evening hours.

Everything is on the table for the kinds of severe weather, but large hail is the highest risk. The eastern side of the state has a likely chance to see hail over the size of quarters with an increase risk in the southeast.

The tornado risk looks the highest over the southeast covering areas from Sioux Falls to Canton, to Elk Point, and back over to Vermillion.

Damaging winds are also likely across the east and possible across central and western parts of the state.

After today, another round of severe weather comes to the east for Thursday, with more areas of South Dakota at a higher risk.


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