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Looking at Tuesday's Precip

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

A low-pressure system in Nebraska will push northward into eastern South Dakota, bringing the risk of precipitation on Tuesday.

Starting early Tuesday, the state's western side could see snow showers develop and push northward in North Dakota. Light freezing drizzle or light freezing rain is possible across south-central and southeast South Dakota during the morning hours.

The precipitation will expand in coverage and move into central South Dakota by the early afternoon. Thunder? Thunder is possible with this line from south-central and into the eastern regions of the state.

By evening, rain is possible in the south and snow in the north. The precipitation will then move out of South Dakota by Tuesday night.

Another low pressure will be right behind this system and will move across Kansas and Nebraska. This has the potential to kick up precipitation to the state's southern regions for late Wednesday and into Thursday.

The winds won't be as strong as we saw last week, but gusts between 20-29mph are possible starting this evening and into Tuesday.


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