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Big Storm Looking to Impact Us

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

A powerful storm system looks to impact us starting Thursday night and then moving into Friday. On the warm side of the storm, thunderstorm development is expected in the southeast, with an isolated strong to severe storm that cannot be ruled out.

The main threat with these storms will be large hail.

As we move into Friday, strong winds and widespread wintry weather will develop. We are expecting snow for the west for Friday morning, with a wintry mix or freezing rain for parts of central and northeast South Dakota and just rain for the southwest.

By Friday afternoon, precipitation will be snow across the west and north, with rain changing over to snow for east-central South Dakota and then into the southeast by the evening hours.

By Friday night, snow will come to an end from west to east, giving way to a dry weekend.

The winds will be strong with this storm system, with some locations that could see wind gust over 40mph, increasing the risk for blizzard conditions.

Forecast models are kicking out high amounts of snow across parts of southwest and south-central, South Dakota and up towards northeast, South Dakota. We want to caution you that many changes on the snowfall forecast are expected as more data comes in.

East-central and northeast regions of the state and back towards south-central could see the risk of some ice accumulations as well.


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