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Isolated Severe Storm Then Blizzard

A strong spring-like storm system will increase the risk of isolated strong to severe thunderstorms across southeast, South Dakota later on this evening and into the first part of the overnight.

Then on Friday, the winter side of the storm will impact us bringing freezing rain, a wintry mix, heavy snow, and blizzard conditions.


Tonight rain showers with isolated thunderstorms are expected for the southeast, with freezing rain across parts of northeast and east-central SD. The southwest may see a mixture of rain and snow.

Friday, widespread snow and blizzard-like conditions for the west. Rain looks to hang on for the southeast, with freezing rain or a mixture of rain or snow for the northeast.

By Friday afternoon, snow is expected for the north and western regions of South Dakota, with rain showers for the southeast.

By Friday evening, the precipitation is expected to be all snow.

Precipitation Forecast

The heaviest snow looks to be across central regions of the state, with Miller being the heart. Some places in this region could see amounts over a foot with lesser amounts as you move eastward, where precipitation may take longer to change over to snow.

South-central, east-central, and northeast South Dakota may see ice amounts mainly tonight and into Friday morning.

Wind Forecast


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