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Dry Conditions Continued Concerns

While we have been enjoying the nice warm weather, conditions in South Dakota continued to be dry, increasing the fire dangers and concerns for drought.

Yankton Fire Department posted this image on Facebook over the weekend, as firefighters responded to this out of controlled burn that started outside of town.

Photo Credit: Yankton Fire Department

The department reported that the fire had burned about a 100 feet section within about 45 seconds due to the winds and dry conditions.

Again we want to reenforce that due to high fire danger levels due to dry conditions to withhold any controlled burns.

Yankton Fire Department March 19th, 2022

Photo Credit: Yankton Fire Department

Rain and snow chances that looks great earlier last week, have pushed more eastward into Minnesota giving only minor amounts in the eastern half of the state. At this point, the southeast stands the greatest chance of any measurable amounts of precipitation.

Some of this precipitation may fall as heavy wet snow, but amounts there look to be minor with once again the southeast seeing the highest chances.

These chances of rain or snow are not helping the west who continues to see drought conditions. On Thursday, the National Weather Service released their drought report showing all of the west under some type of drought. Up into the northwest and for the communities of Buffalo, Bison, Faith, Eagle Butte, Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood, Belle Fourche, and almost into Pierre, severe drought conditions are being reported.

Unfortunately, looking ahead, no real "good" chances of precipitation for the next week besides a few spotty rain showers on Thursday for the southwest of South Dakota.

To see more of the forecast radar maps and check out other weather models outlook, go to our new weather maps page by clicking here.


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