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Fire Departments Respond to Wild Land Fire in the Southwest

A wildfire broke out on Friday afternoon between Manderson and Wound Knee in southwest South Dakota.

Wild Fire in Southwest South Dakota Oglala Wound Knee
Photo Credit: OST Emergency Management

According to Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) Emergency Management, multiple fire departments from the area were called to help contain the fire. While fire crews were en route to the scene, strong southeast winds pushed the fire into the hills and difficult terrain. Additional aid from state, federal, and other local resources, including multiple type six fire engines and a dozer, was dispatched.

During the overnight hours, OST Emergency Management advised residents of Pine Lane Road to evacuate. The Wounded Knee Service Center in Manderson had been opened for anyone who needed a place to stay.

South Dakota Night Fire
Photo Credit: OST Emergency Management

Saturday morning, residents who had been advised to evacuate from Pine Lane were able to return home. A fire line has been established, and firefighters have made progress in the area. According to officials, about 20 percent of the fire has been contained.

The rain started to move into the region, and the BIA Forestry and Wildland Fire Management advised fire crews are able to keep the fire inside the secured edges during Saturday afternoon.

Photo Credit: BIA Forestry and Wildland Fire Management


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