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High Winds Create Havoc

A strong low pressure system is creating powerful northwest winds for all of South Dakota but the west saw even strong winds today. These winds have created hazardous conditions for motorist with high profile vehicles.

Photo Credit: SD Highway Patrol

The South Dakota Highway Patrol reported they have responded to over ten semi tipped over from strong wind gusts near 70mph. A High Wind Warning was put into place across two thirds of the state for much of the day.

Up in Corson County, law enforcement and emergency personnel responded to this truck and camper trailer on State Highway 20.

Photo Credit: Corson County Sheriff's Office

This afternoon the National Weather Service Office in Rapid City reported a 68mph wind gust at the Rapid City Airport and near New Underwood. Other wind gust of 53mph was report near Martin and a 62mph gust in Box Elder.

Strong winds look to stay around for tonight and continuing into the first part of Friday.

Source: NWS, Corson County Sheriff's Office, SD Highway Patrol

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