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Lucked Out with Nice Weather

Our luck came for Saint Patrick's Day week as temperatures were above normal for the middle of March.

Photo Credit: SDDOT Camera System near Miranda on US Highway 212

In Sioux Falls, the city reach 65 degrees on Wednesday which was 20 degrees above the normal high. Heading west on Interstate 29, the city of Mitchell reached 66 degrees which too was 20 degrees above normal.

The western side of the state was not as warm, with highs only reaching 57 at the Rapid City Airport. This was still about 8 degrees above the middle of March's average highs.

Out in the Black Hills, Spearfish on Wednesday reached 65 degrees where the normal high is 46 degrees and at Mount Rushmore, a high of 60 was recorded.

Temperatures look to continue to be mild for the rest of Saint Patrick's week. On Friday the highs are forecast to reach into the 50s and 60s with even warmer temperatures for Saturday.

By Monday, cooler weather will start to move into western, South Dakota with highs into the 40s for the west. The east will continue to see mild conditions with highs into the 50s and 60s. Precipitation moves into the pictures by the start of the workweek as well.

For more details on your local forecast, visit our forecast page.


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