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Temperatures Increasing

Warmer air is forecast to move into the region bringing a more spring-like feel to the outdoors. Most road reports during the late morning and early afternoon were dry beside a few wet or scattered slippery spots in the northeast, South Dakota.

Looking at the start of the workweek, temperatures look to reach into the 40s and 50s besides a few upper 30s in the northeast and possibly a few isolated 60s in the far south. Skies will be mostly sunny.

Even warmer temperatures come on Tuesday with highs mainly into the 60s in the west and south with even a few isolated 70s in south-central, SD. The northeast will not be so luck with temperatures only reaching into the 30s and 40s. Dry conditions statewide besides a few snow showers in the morning across the extreme northeast.

Increased chances of precipitation moves into the second half of the workweek with temperatures expected to decrease.

Check out your local eight-day forecast at Your Local Forecast page.


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