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Triple Digit Heat

Towards the end of the work week, temperatures easily climbed over 100 degrees in portions of western South Dakota.

Wall's Hot Temperatures
Wall, SD - Friday, August 18th

According to the National Weather Service in Rapid City, the city of Rapid City reached 101 degrees on Friday, and the Rapid City Regional Airport just outside the city warmed to 102 degrees. Both of these temperatures are the hottest temperatures so far seen this month.

Other readings from the weather services were... Buffalo at 99, Faith at 98, Huron at 90, Philip at 108, Pine Ridge at 100, Pierre at 103, Mobridge at 91, and Winner at 101.

Readings from other weather stations came in at... Burke at 93, Hot Springs was 102, Pinnacles Ranger Station at the Badlands National Park reached a high of 101, Piedmont at 102, Sturgis at 96, and Wasta at 102.

This work week we will not get a break as temperatures are forecast to be hot and increasing dewpoints will make temperatures outdoors feel even hotter.


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