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Updates on Christmas Precipitation in South Dakota

We continue to have mild temperatures this week, but weather models are showing changes to the weather for the holiday weekend.

As of right now, the European (ECMWF) forecast model is showing precipitation will start to spread into South Dakota on Sunday (Christmas Eve) with snow chances for western regions of the state and rain showers and a few thunderstorms for the east. The precipitation chances will continue throughout the day with rain changing over to snow for central regions of South Dakota.

By Monday (Christmas Day), rain is expected to continue with a wintry mix or freezing rain for parts of central, South Dakota, and snow chances continuing for western, South Dakota. This is expected to continue throughout the day. The European (EURO) model is showing heavier rains moving back into eastern, South Dakota later on Monday afternoon and into Monday night.

Besides precipitation, weather models are showing an increase in the winds with gusts in western, South Dakota up over 30mph on Sunday. These winds will spread into eastern, South Dakota on Sunday and continue into Monday.

As of right now, the ECMWF is showing plowable snow for western, South Dakota from accumulations from Sunday and Monday.

The Canadian (GEM) is being more bolder than the European (ECMWF) with more snow in western, South Dakota.

There continues to be uncertainty on the track of these storm systems which will impact the precipitation amounts, type of precipitation, winds, and when precipitation will impact the area. Please keep checking back to WeatherSD for the latest information and forecast.


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