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Warnings for a Narrow Band of Snow

Snow has already developed over northwest, South Dakota and is forecast to spread eastward during the overnight hours, mainly along near the North Dakota and South Dakota Stateline. The snow chances will continue into Monday, mainly in the northern counties.

This is where you will find Winter Storm Warnings that have been issued by the weather service.

The other counties in the southern have Winter Weather Advisories up for the second round of snow that is forecast to come later on Monday and continue into Monday night and Tuesday.

Snow amount from 6:00 pm, Sunday evening to 6:00 pm, Monday evening looks to have a narrow band of snow across the north.

As the second round comes in, more of the state will see snow accumulations. Below is the total snowfall forecast for both events.

Besides snowfall, cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills will be likely. Already, Wind Chill Advisories are in effect for some counties in northern, South Dakota. For details on your location's weather alerts, please visit our weather alerts page.


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