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More Fog

Areas of the northeast and east-central South Dakota were stuck in foggy conditions for much of the weekend and, at times, so dense that visibilities dropped to a quarter of a mile. Now, much of eastern South Dakota is dealing with dense fog this Sunday morning.

In Watertown, the visibilities were down to a quarter of a mile starting around 8:00 pm Saturday evening and continued through overnight and into the first part of Sunday. The city saw a break in the dense fog as visibilities improved to about four to five miles during the middle of the afternoon, but by Saturday morning, much of the same, with visibilities from a half mile to a quarter of a mile.

Photo Credit: SDDOT Camera System on I29 near Brandt, SD (South of Watertown)

Down in Brookings, the dense fog moved into the area on Saturday morning, with visibilities dropping from 0.75 of a mile to about 0.50 of a mile at a time. Like in Watertown, improvements came by the middle of the afternoon on Saturday before dropping again by Saturday evening.

The National Weather Service posted Dense Fog Advisories from up by Sisseton all the way down towards Omaha, Nebraska, and even out towards the Pierre and Mobridge areas.

Photo Credit: SDDOT Camera System on I29 near Summit

Some regions of the state will not be able to shake the fog as the forecast calls for the fog to return again tonight. To check out if you are one of those locations, check out your local forecast.


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