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Fires Continue to be an Issue

Updated: May 7, 2022

The dry and drought conditions over the region continue to fuel the fire concerns across South Dakota. With much of the grassland still in its dormant stage and with strong winds being common, fires are easy to start and quickly spread.

On Sunday, the Yankton Fire Department posted these pictures on their Facebook page of a fire that was reported to be controlled and quickly became uncontrolled north of Yankton.

We would like to remind all drivers that when there is an active emergency scene to avoid the area, and also pay attention to emergency crews and vehicles in the area. In todays case we had vehicles not paying attention to the traffic control and driving thru the scene and smoke without slowing down.

Yankton Fire Department April 10th, 2022

Photo Credit: Yankton Fire Department

In northeast, South Dakota a grass fire broke out south of Watertown along Interstate 29 on Monday afternoon. The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office posted this picture on social media and stated that the Castlewood Fire Department was called to a fire in the median and ditch of the northbound lanes.

Photo Credit: Hamlin County Sheriff's Office

The Milbank and Stockholm Fire Departments were called to this grass fire northeast of Stockholm on Monday afternoon. The Grant County Emergency Management said that the quick response by fire crews kept the fire from spreading.

Photo Credit: Grant County Emergency Management

Photo Credit: Custer County Sheriff's Office

Federal Highway 16 was shut down because of this fire in Custer County last week. Pre-evacuation notices for some areas of Black Hills were issues as fire fighters battle the fire. Later that day, the highway was reopened and the pre-evacuation was lifted.

A more active weather pattern is set up this week that will hopefully bring much-needed precipitation to the region and help with the drought and fire concerns.


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