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Hen Egg Hail and Gusty Winds

A strong storm system that push temperatures into record territory along with colder air and snow behind it, also brought areas of strong to severe thunderstorms.

By the evening hours, thunderstorms develop over southeast and east-central, South Dakota dropping large hail and producing gusty winds.

The largest hail reported was in Lake County where hail up to the size of hen eggs (2.00") was reported in Orland. Other hail reports were 1.50" in the city of Madison and 1.00" outside of town.

Down in southeast, South Dakota thunderstorms came out of Nebraska and blew out wind gusts over 60mph. Near Beresford, a storm produced a wind gust of 66mph, and over by Centerville, winds were reported as high as 63mph. These storms quickly moved into Iowa and continued to bring strong winds and causing damage in Rock Valley and Lyon.

Hail Reports:

Orland: 2.00" (Hen Egg Size) Madison: 1.50" (Ping Pong Ball Size)

1WSW of Madison: 1.00" (Quarter Size) 1ENE of Madison: 1.00" (Quarter Size)

2E of Madison: 1.00" (Quarter Size)

Arlington: 0.88" (Nickel Size)

Thunderstorm Wind Reports:

3SSW of Beresford: 66mph 6SSE of Centerville: 63mph

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