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Quick Spin Ups Creates Several Tornado Warnings

Updated: May 12

During the evening hours on Monday, several people were shocked after many communities in southeast South Dakota were quickly under tornado warnings.

The first of several tornado warnings was issued south of Sioux Falls and near the Canton area. A line of thunderstorms traveling very quickly to the north created a few quick spin-ups of potential tornadoes. As the storms moved north of Sioux Falls, additional warnings were issued to include the communities of Brookings, Flandreau, and Garretson.

Tornado sirens were sounded in Brookings as rotation was found on radar just south of the city, near the Meadary settlement.

As the storms moved north of Brookings, the tornado warning was dropped because the rotation had weakened. The other storms to the southeast of Brookings moved into Minnesota, where a couple more tornado warnings were issued before weakening as they continued to travel towards the northeast.

As of Tuesday morning, no reports of damage were reported with these storms.


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