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Tornadoes and Funnel Clouds from Storms

Thunderstorms from a strong low-pressure system in the area have produced a couple of funnel clouds and even one tornado on Saturday in eastern South Dakota.

funnel cloud brookings south dakota
Funnel Cloud - North of Brookings, SD

At 3:55pm, weather spotters 2 miles northeast of Bruce reported a persistent funnel cloud in Brookings County.

Later, a thunderstorm in Deuel County dropped a brief tornado about four miles northeast of the Poinsett Colony, located north of Estelline. The tornado report came in at about 4:20pm CDT.

Earlier in Lake County, a thunderstorm southwest of Ramona produced a funnel cloud at around 2:25pm CDT.

South Dakota was not alone, as thunderstorms in western Minnesota also brought the same threats. Storm chasers northeast of Madison, MN, reported a brief rain-wrapped tornado that only lasted 30 to 45 seconds on the ground in an open field.

radar image near Brookings, SD
Storm Icon Radar - 4:21pm CDT on 09-23-2023

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