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Hurricane Force Winds from Storms

A small complex line of thunderstorms brought windy conditions and damage to southern and eastern regions of the state on Tuesday.

Photo Credit: DakotaRadar (Northeast, SD)

The highest winds recorded were in Deuel County along Interstate 29 near the Brandt Exit where a measured thunderstorm wind gust of 79mph was felt.

Just outside of Winner where these thunderstorms started to gain strength had a storm wind gust of 72mph and near Howard in southeast, South Dakota a gust of 70mph was reported.

These storms did cause some damage with winds ripping ceiling panels from a porch near Lane, SD, and power lines reported down in Woonsocket.

After these storms moved out of South Dakota, they left behind cooler weather before the next wave of hot weather returns later this week.

Wind Reports:

4NE of Poinsett Colony: 79mph

1NE of Winner: 72mph

1W of Howard: 70mph

5N of Oldham: 66mph

4SE of Witten, SD: 64mph

11SW of Parmelee: 63mph

3SE of Reliance: 62mph

2W of Oacoma: 62mph

4S of Stone Bridge: 60mph

2SE of Stone Bridge: 60mph

4SE of Forestburg: 57mph

9NE of White: 57mph

6W of Parmelee: 56mph 3N of Mitchell: 55mph

3SE of Montrose: 54mph 3NW of Wasta: 50mph 5NE of Porcupine: 50mph


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